Accidental Disability Retirement Lawyers Maryland

Accidental Disability Retirement Lawyers MarylandPaul Rouhana of Seigel Rouhana LLC (SR Legal Group) represents clients with Accidental Disability Retirement applications and appeals.  Paul Rouhana has handled many ADR cases on behalf of clients, from assisting and advising on the critically important initial accidental disability retirement application, which includes analyzing the client’s work history and job description, his at-work injuries, and the medical records on behalf of the client and generated by the State of Maryland.

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Paul understands that speed is essential for the client in moving the case through the Maryland State Pension and Retirement System. Paul, working with the client, prepares a meticulous submission packet, which includes all of the necessary medical records to support the application, all documents required by the Code of Maryland Regulations, as well as an argument letter setting out the facts and law to support granting the application. Paul Rouhana and the SR Legal Group will also ensure that the client’s case does not get lost in the state pension and retirement system, and will make persistent calls inquiring as to a decision.

One of Paul’s most important roles is as advisor to the client, and in the accidental disability retirement field, this means making sure the client understands the law as it stands today in Maryland, including essentially having to prove at trial that the client’s at-work injuries leading to the need to retire was the substantial cause for the client’s inability to continue to perform their job duties. Paul approaches these cases, from the outset, as if the case is going to trial, and unlike other lawyers claiming expertise in this area of law, has actually tried multiple accidental disability retirement trials. These trials invariably include cross-examining the State’s doctor, who is paid by the State to render an opinion on such matters as whether the at-work injuries are the cause for the need to retire.

If you need help with your ADR related issue, contact Paul Rouhana at or at 443-470-1015 for a consultation today.

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