Personal Injury Lawyer Towson, MD

Personal Injury Lawyer Towson, MD

Personal Injury Lawyer Towson, MD

If you’ve been injured by a drug, medical device, professional equipment, or a consumer product, it’s time to connect with an experienced personal injury lawyer Towson, MD residents trust. This is true regardless of whether or not the product that harmed you has already been recalled. Many Americans believe that if they’ve been harmed by an object that they have no legal recourse. However, the manufacturers of dangerous and defective products may be held legally accountable under certain circumstances. This is true even if a product has been recalled, depending on the details of the situation in question.

Product Recall Basics

An experienced Towson, MD personal injury lawyer may be able to help you file a legal claim against a product manufacturer even if the product that harmed you has been recalled. This area of law is complex. But generally speaking, the act of recalling a product doesn’t – in and of itself – protect a manufacturer from liability in the event that its products harm patients, workers, and/or consumers.

When a recall is initiated, consumers are warned that the product in question is somehow defective or unreasonably unsafe (relative to its purpose – ie: a chainsaw is inherently unsafe, but can be used safely when operated per the directions that accompanied the purchase of the saw). Consumers are then directed to return the product, dispose of the product, obtain a fix for a defective part, or cease using the product due to some safety-related flaw in its design or function. Recalls may be initiated by a product manufacturer or by the government. Most of the time, product recalls are only initiated after numerous Americans have reported that the product has harmed them in some way.

If you speak with an attorney before the product that has harmed you has been recalled, your actions may help to inspire a recall. If you pursue action against a manufacturer after a recall has been initiated, your experience will help to influence the ways in which that company is ultimately held accountable for their negligence or recklessness. In either scenario, you may be awarded financial compensation related to the harm you have suffered. Depending on your circumstances, this compensation award could be significant.

Legal Assistance Is Available

The law holds product manufacturers to certain standards. When manufacturers fail to uphold these standards and individuals are harmed as a result, those manufacturers may be held accountable under the law. If you’ve been harmed by any kind of drug, device, or product, please schedule a risk-free consultation with the experienced Maryland legal team at Seigel & Rouhana, LLC today. Speaking with our firm will allow you to make an informed decision about pursuing legal action against the manufacturer of the product that caused you harm. Our experienced Towson, MD personal injury lawyer team looks forward to hearing your story and advising you of your legal options accordingly.