Employment Lawyer Towson, MD

Employment Lawyer Towson, MD

Employment Lawyer Towson, MDIf you believe that you’re experiencing discrimination and/or harassment in the workplace, it’s important to speak with an experienced employment lawyer Towson, MD residents trust before you make any assumptions about your legal situation. Too often, workers assume that they have no power in scenarios involving discrimination and harassment. They might be concerned that they will not be taken seriously or they might be afraid of retaliation from their employer. In truth, both federal and state law protect individuals from unlawful discriminatory practices in hiring, employment, and termination. You have more options than you think, so it is strongly recommended that you obtain legal advice about your situation before assuming the worst. Don’t dismiss your situation without asking for a professional opinion. Your case may be valid, and you may be able to obtain significant financial compensation, so it is worth exploring each of your options. With that said, every case is different, and this area of law is extraordinarily complex. Cases involving workplace discrimination or harassment involve a lot of overlap in laws, so taking on such a case on your own without a help is not advised. A lawyer has specialized experience and knowledge of laws that the average person does not have. As a result, it’s essential to avoid making any assumptions about your legal options before you’ve discussed your situation in detail with an experienced Towson, MD employment lawyer.

Unlawful Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace

Title VII of The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is perhaps the most well-known anti-discrimination law in U.S. history. This legislation made it illegal to discriminate in matters of education, public accommodation, and employment on the basis of color, national origin, race, religion, and sex. Since this law was passed, subsequent federal legislation has outlawed employment discrimination on the basis of age, disability, ethnicity, and genetic information. Numerous states have expanded employment discrimination protections to safeguard against applicants and workers’ mistreatment based on gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, and other classifications. It’s important to note that discrimination laws that guard against sex discrimination and disability discrimination also protect workers from sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, and breastfeeding-related discrimination.

It is also unlawful to retaliate against a worker for discriminatory reasons and for engaging in a legally protected activity. For example, if an employee files a discrimination-related complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, it is illegal to retaliate against that worker for participating in an investigation related to that complaint. Similarly, it is unlawful to discriminate against a worker who has requested and taken a legally-protected leave of absence related to illness, injury, disability, the birth, adoption, or new foster placement of a child, etc. Rest assured that there are laws that protect you from arbitrary and discriminatory practices. 

It is worth noting, however, that some workers are not protected from certain discriminatory practices. For example, some laws only pertain to employers of a specific size. This is one of the many reasons why it’s important to speak with an attorney before making any assumptions about the potential viability of a legal claim against your employer. Everyone’s situation is unique and a lawyer will evaluate your scenario to determine if you have been a victim of your employer’s discriminatory practices. These laws contain many nuances and are complex, covering a wide range of topics. Anyone without a professional legal background may find it extremely difficult to comprehend and decide which strategies to use to develop a strong case. If you have any questions about anti-discrimination laws and how they protect workers, you can ask an experienced employment lawyer. 

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you believe that you may have been discriminated against while at work, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with the experienced Maryland legal team at Seigel & Rouhana, LLC today. Fear of retaliation is one of the major reasons why clients don’t seek out legal advice right away. Consultations are confidential, so you need not fear retaliation from your employer for exploring your legal options. Similarly, consultations are risk-free. You will neither be obligated to pursue legal action nor work with our firm in the future by merely meeting with us to tell your story and have your questions answered. Inquiring about your legal options does not require follow-up action. You can simply meet with a lawyer to explain your scenario and ask if there are any legal actions you can take. We understand that you may be hesitant to come forward and share your story with a lawyer. Even if you believe that you don’t have much evidence or that your case isn’t wrong, it is worth finding out if you have a valid case to begin with. When it comes to any legal situation, you should not make assumptions. First meet with a lawyer so you can receive professional insight into your situation. You have nothing to lose and potentially much to gain by connecting with an experienced Towson, MD employment lawyer, so please call today; we look forward to speaking with you.

Taking Action When Managing Discrimination

Working with an employment lawyer Towson, MD residents recommend may be in your best interest when facing discrimination. There are several ways that someone might experience discrimination; however, it may be in your best interest to immediately take legal action when you or someone you know has experienced discrimination or retaliation. Because of the statute of limitations for claims, there is a limited window of time where you have the opportunity to explore your legal options. Delaying action for too long can make you lose your chance of submitting a claim on time. Though it is understandable for you to wait to speak with a lawyer, you are highly encouraged to request a consultation as soon as possible. 

Navigating employment law, discrimination, and retaliation can be incredibly challenging, confusing, and especially overwhelming. Knowing what to do next can leave a person feeling completely lost and unsure of where to begin. The first step you can do is meet with a lawyer. Consulting with a skilled employment lawyer can save you a lot of time figuring out how to file a claim, help you better understand your legal situation, and decide what course of action to take. Working with a reputable lawyer also ensures that your rights will be protected because they have the skills and resources to provide you top quality legal representation. Seigel & Rouhana, LLC, is available to help you take action and guide you through the number of steps needed to move forward, and provide you with the best opportunity at a successful resolution. 

Step One: Check Yourself

Discrimination situations in the workplace can be incredibly impactful and will certainly escalate a person’s emotions. The uncertainty of the situation can leave you feeling anxious and overwhelmed throughout the process. It’s important to check yourself around the situation and be sure that you have, in fact, experienced discrimination. For example, you can’t just accuse your employer of discrimination because you believe they do not like you. This is why consulting with a lawyer can be beneficial in determining the next steps. 

Step Two: Keep a Detailed Record

If you suspect discrimination, keeping a detailed record will be beneficial because it will act as a crucial piece of evidence should you take legal action. Take the time to carefully detail events as they occur. Write down as much detail as possible, including the events that have transpired, the time, place, and any witnesses present. 

Step Three: Be Direct

Our Towson MD employment lawyer shares that, in some cases, suspected discrimination may be a misunderstanding. If you can, report the discrimination or talk about your experience with your employer, it may be possible to resolve the issue. However, this may not be possible in some cases, and the incident should be reported to human resources or management. 

Step Four: Be Aware of Retaliation

Retaliation is when a person is treated unfairly or experiences repercussions after reporting an act that is protected under employment law. Discrimination in the workplace is a protected act, and because of this, no employee should experience retaliation such as further mistreatment or job loss as a result. When a person files a charge of discrimination, they are engaged in a protected act, and retaliation may allow you to explore further legal action. 

Step Five: Don’t Hesitate to Call a Lawyer

While you can certainly contact a lawyer at any point in the process, the sooner you consult with a lawyer, the better. If you believe that you have experienced discrimination in the workplace, a lawyer will play a critical role in assisting you in taking the proper steps towards remedying the situation. In some cases, this may require that you take legal action. As an employee who has experienced discrimination and subsequent retaliation can feel as though the deck has been stacked against you. Working with a lawyer can help you know your rights, protect your interests, and strategize the next steps for moving forward. 

Unfortunately, many people experience discrimination in the workplace each year. Keep in mind that discrimination is against the law, and because of this, it may be necessary to take action. Knowing the best way to move forward and the proper steps to take will require that you enlist the assistance of Seigel & Rouhana, LLC. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you are feeling unsure of how best to move forward; contact our Towson, Maryland employment lawyer so that we can start protecting your rights. 

What You Should Know About Hiring an Employment Lawyer in Towson, Maryland

When it comes to disputes, harassments, or challenges that arise in the workplace, many situations warrant the need for a Towson, MD employment lawyer. If you are unsure about getting legal help, or you don’t know what to look for, consider the following:

What is The Firm’s Experience? Employment law is a niche area of the law. It is complex and requires extreme diligence on part of the lawyer. Some cases will go to trial. The firm you choose should have trial experience if you suspect this could happen with your own case. 

This area of the law is also rife with exemptions, loopholes, and pitfalls. Your lawyer should have practiced employment law for some time and understand the litigation process of these cases. Talk with the firm about their experience in working with employees to get an understanding of what they are familiar with. Seigel & Rouhana, LLC has extensive experience in handling employment law cases, including those that go to trial. 

Does the Lawyer Have Knowledge of the Most Recent Laws? Employment and labor laws are constantly changing. It is prudent for your employment lawyer in Towson, MD to stay on top of all current and pending state and federal laws, as well as any regulations that have been set forth by labor organizations such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 

What is Their Fee Structure – Employment lawyers utilize various fee structures. The firm should be open to discuss their fee structure, billing, and any other relevant costs that might arise. Fees or fee structures might include:

A Consultation Fee – This could be charged on a fixed or hourly rate. 

Contingency Fee – The lawyers’ fee might be based on a percentage of the award in the case. 

Flat Fee – Although rare, sometimes, a lawyer charges a flat-rate fee.

Hourly Rate – A lawyer might charge you by the hour that he or she works on your case. 

Referral Fees – A lawyer who refers you to another lawyer might take a portion of the fees that you pay for the case. 

Retainer Fees – A retainer is like a downpayment. Cost of services are then deducted from that account. In general, a retainer is not refundable. 

The above is to give you a general overview of legal fees or structures. All firms are different which is why you should talk with an employment lawyer in Towson, MD to get a clear idea of what you can expect from  Seigel & Rouhana, LLC.

Hiring an Employment Lawyer in Towson, MD

Hiring any lawyer can be challenging. When your job or career is on the line, or your rights have been violated, you may feel anxious and unsure about what to look for, and where to look. Seigel & Rouhana, LLC understands the agony you may be facing and want you to know we are here for you. Our firm is intimately familiar with employment law by virtue of our previous experience as employment lawyers. 

If you are ready to speak with a Towson, MD employment lawyer, call Seigel & Rouhana, LLC.

Qualities to Look for in an Employment Lawyer

If you are dealing with an issue at work, such as discrimination or wrongful termination, it is important to work with a qualified employment lawyer in Towson, MD. He or she can help you pursue a legal claim and ensure your rights are protected. Here are a few important qualities you should look for in an employment lawyer.


  • Specific Experience: In order to get the best results, it’s critical to hire an employment lawyer who has extensive experience with your particular issue. For example, if you have been discriminated at work for your ethnicity, you will want to work with a lawyer who has many years of experience helping employees who have dealt with discrimination for their ethnic background. 
  • Excellent Communication Skills: Employment law can be very confusing for the average person. There may be several terms that you do not understand. That is why it is helpful to have a lawyer with strong communication skills. He or she should be able to explain legal terms in language you can understand and take the time to answer all of your questions.
  • Honest: Honesty is another important quality to look for in an employment lawyer. Your employment lawyer should not just tell you what you want to hear. He or she should be truthful about the strengths and weaknesses in your case and let you know if you have a good chance at winning or not. While the truth may be difficult to hear at first, it will benefit you in the long run.
  • Compassionate: When you are being treated unfairly at work, it can be emotionally taxing. You dread going into the workplace every day and may even wonder how long you will have your job. That is why it is critical to have a compassionate employment lawyer in Towson, MD on your side. He or she should understand that you are going through something very difficult and offer words of encouragement.
  • Available: When you are dealing with something as crucial as an employment issue, you need to work with a lawyer who actually has time to devote to your case. He or she should respond to your messages promptly and give you frequent updates about your case. If your employment lawyer takes too long to get back to you, it may be time to find new representation.
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