Legal Malpractice Lawyers Maryland

Product Liability Lawyers MarylandSeigel Rouhana Legal Group LLC (SR Legal Group) is committed to defending its clients, and legal malpractice is no exception. The public often has to rely on attorneys to help guide them through the various legal matters they may face. Though we put a significant amount of trust in these individuals, lawyers are not immune to error. For the most part, attorneys recognize their mistakes and are willing to reach a reasonable settlement without consuming too much of your time with a full lawsuit. Sometimes, however, an unethical attorney may vehemently deny any error or negligence and fight aggressively against your claim.

When situations like this arise, the reputations of all attorneys may be tarnished. And at other times, an unscrupulous attorney will not admit his or her negligence conduct. If you have had the unfortunate experience of being a victim of legal malpractice, the SR Legal Group is here for you. We are committed to helping you hold your previous attorney accountable for their wrongdoings. If you need an attorney to restore your faith in our profession, contact the SR Legal Group today.

With years of experience handling legal malpractice cases on behalf of clients, Paul Rouhana will meet with you at no cost to you to discuss your potential case. Paul Rouhana has successfully handled many types of legal malpractice cases on behalf of his clients, including negligence claims, missing the statute of limitations deadline, unethical actions by an attorney, over-billing, as well as miss-use of client funds. Paul recently settled a six figure legal malpractice case on behalf of an aggrieved workers’ compensation client whose previous attorney missed the statute of limitations. Although deliberate and methodical in which cases SR Law Group takes on in prosecuting a legal malpractice case, SR Law Group believes every client deserves to be told the truth about their case, and to know their options and rights going forward. If you believe you have been the victim of legal malpractice, call Paul Rouhana at or at 443-470-1015 for a consultation today.

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