Labor Attorney Towson, MD

Labor Attorney Towson, MD

labor attorney Towson, MDIf you’re a member of a union and you’re dealing with a legal issue related to your employment and/or your union membership, you could benefit from speaking with an experienced labor attorney Towson, MD workers trust. Labor attorneys specifically represent the interests of workers who are members of labor unions. This designation stands in contrast to employment attorneys, who represent the interests of workers but who may or may not have significant experience dealing with union-related matters specifically. As the laws concerning union issues are uniquely nuanced and complex, if you’re a union member and you have questions or concerns about an employment matter, your interests will likely be served best if you consult with a labor attorney specifically.

When Should I Speak with a Labor Lawyer?

Workers are generally advised to schedule a consultation with an experienced employment lawyer Towson, MD employees rely on, in the event that they are being discriminated against in an employment context, are navigating a complex employment contract issue, or are otherwise being mistreated and are in need of legal guidance. The same general rules apply in re: when union members are advised to seek legal counsel concerning their employment circumstances. If you have been wrongfully terminated, are experiencing discrimination or harassment in hiring or work generally, if you have concerns about the threats posed by an impending strike, or you could otherwise benefit from seeking professional guidance, connect with the experienced Maryland legal team at Seigel & Rouhana, LLC today.

Similarly, if you are an employer and you oversee union members, it can be helpful to speak with a labor attorney about any legal concerns you may have about your employment practices, your rights as an employer, your employees’ rights as workers, and/or strike-related issues. Experienced labor attorneys can advise workers and their employers alike.

All too often, workers refrain from seeking legal guidance until they have reached a point of crisis. There is nothing wrong with connecting with an attorney in a time of crisis – doing so is often both beneficial and necessary. However, it’s also often beneficial to speak with a lawyer when you have questions or concerns that have not yet reached a crisis point. In proactive contexts, speaking with an attorney can even help you to avoid a legal crisis in the first place.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have questions, concerns, or concrete legal needs related to employment involving union workers, please schedule a risk-free consultation with a labor lawyer today. Whether you’re reacting to a crisis or trying to avoid one, connecting with an experienced Towson, MD labor attorney can help you to navigate your situation as successfully as is possible under the circumstances; our team looks forward to assisting you and to advising you of your legal options accordingly.

Connect with the experienced Maryland legal team at Seigel & Rouhana, LLC today.

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